The King Maker Kamaraj



Life of Perunthalaivar Kamaraj




Kamaraj was called as a King Maker by foreigners 35 years ago.

Since as he was having the capacity of doing anything in the party he had this title. He did this achievement in 1931 itself. Congress committee conference was held at Madurai in 1931 . There were two parties in Congress then. One was headed by Sathyamoorthy and the other by Rajaji. Poor were on the side of Sathyamoorthy. Hence others neglected this group. Kamaraj got wild of this. He supported Sathyamoorthy. As Sathyamoorthy was the leader of the Conference he was taken in a procession in which the group of Rajaji did not participated . After the meeting the election for Tamilnadu Congress Party presidentship was conducted.

Dr.Varadarajulu Naidu,  Thiru. V.Kaliyana Sundara Mudaliar , E.V.R.Periyar and Srinivasa Iyengar left Congress. At the end of the conference  there was a proposal to elect Rajaji as President of  P.C.C. and Sathya moorthy as Vice president. Accordingly Rajaji was elected as President. But in the case of Vice-President Sathyamoorthy was elected as Vice President only after some tussle as Rajaji's group betrayed the proposal. Sathyamoorthy's group captured the working  committee. 



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